YSM? Never heard before…

YSM stands for Young Scientist Meeting, which is divided into a seminar part and a conference part.

The conference will provide a dedicated platform for PhD students as well as undergrads and young PostDocs to talk about their work, discuss results, and get insight into topics and questions you might not have been aware of.
All presentations and poster contributions will be assessed by a JKI-internal jury. The best presentations and posters will be awarded with a certificate at the end of the YSM. Additional to talks and posters presented by the participants, the scientific program will be accompanied by keynote speakers.

The seminar takes place before the conference and offers the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge; like scientific writing, communication in science, acquiring third-party funding, work-life balance, or statistics. This year's topic is "Research Data Management at the JKI"

Who is this year's organising team?

Dr. Christine Seinsche (OW Dossenheim)

Laura Binmöller (OW Dossenheim)

Bruna Czarnobai de Jorge (OW Dossenheim)

Adrian Jaich (BI Dossenheim)

Theresa Kuhl-Nagel (BI Dossenheim)

Dr. Anja Hühnlein (IB Quedlinburg)

All of the above can be reached at ysm@julius-kuehn.de.

How can I finance my participation?

The best right at the start: There are no fees for the YSM seminar and the YSM conference.

We thank the JKI institutes that provide the financial resources for the seminar and we thank the Supporters and Friends (GFF) of the JKI, who sponsor the YSM conference!

For lunch we offer sandwiches ("belegte Brötchen"). Please be aware that the closest supermarket is 3 km away from the institute. If you want to eat something else, please plan accordingly. During the coffee breaks there will always be cold and warm drinks as well as some cookies and different varieties of local JKI apples.

Please note: Since costs for food and drinks during the seminar and conference are not covered, we ask you to pay 10 € for the seminar and 15 € for the conference at registration.

How should I fill in the Business trip application form?

Go to the Business trip application form via https://reisekosten.ble.de/.

If you were able to book one of the 60 free hotel beds and plan to use an institutional car* for the trip, there will be no costs for you except for meals (15 € for the conference and 10 € for the seminar). However, you can be reimbursed for the daily allowance (“Tagegeld”) to which you are entitled (Please note: The costs for food and drinks cannot be reimbursed as conference fee!). But the reimbursement must be financed from your project funds! Please check in advance of the business trip application to see if any funds are earmarked or available for YSM in your project.

If the business trip to the YSM is not planned for your project, you must indicate in the comment field in the business trip application that reimbursement of the travel costs will be waived after the trip. Otherwise, the responsible office assistant for third-party funds at the JKI cannot approve the trip. After the meeting, you can indicate in the application for reimbursement of travel expenses ("Reisekostenabrechnung") that you waive reimbursement.

No matter what you decide, you must select the cost center and cost unit (“Kostenstelle” und “Kostenträger”) of your project from a drop-down menu in the application.

Please continue to make sure that you indicate that room and board will be provided free of charge ("
unentgeltliche Verpflegung/Unterkunft"). In the case of a free overnight stay for the whole YSM (seminar and confernce), this will look like this later on in the application:

Breakfast will be included in the free overnight stay and diner on Wednesday will be sponsored by the GFF.

Since the hotel beds are free of charge for you up to a number of 60, you can enter 0.00 € in the hotel costs in the application.
Please tick further that bed and breakfast has been booked in advance (“Übernachtung und Frühstück wurde vorab gebucht”).

*A small addition to the use of institutional cars: Unlike other business trips that you make with an institutional car as part of your project, the costs for the trips to the YSM are financed centrally. Therefore, you do not incur any costs for the use of the institutional car for your project.

How many participants can attend the conference or seminar?

The maximum number of participants of the YSM seminar is 25 since the lecturer will work intensively with the seminar group and supervises many smaller subgroups. However, we will try to offer the seminar again online at a later date if the demand is very high. The number of participants for the conference is not limited, but the number of hotel beds is limited to 60.

What guidelines should I consider for a lecture/poster presentation?


Guidelines for talks and posters.


What guidelines should I consider for an abstract?

Once registered for the YSM conference you will receive a confirmation email by which you will be enabled to log in to the conference website and upload your abstract for your poster or for your talk. Abstract submission deadline is 15 September 2023.

Please adhere to the abstract template, which is provided here.

Please note: It is not obligatory to give a lecture or to present a poster in order to participate in the YSM conference.

Once the abstract is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation. Applying changes to your abstract will be possible by uploading a new version. The latest version only will be reviewed and the previously submitted versions will be deleted.

If the number of abstracts for presentations submitted exceeds 30, the organizing team will decide which of the abstracts should instead be presented as posters.


Who can I contact if I have any questions?

The Organizing Team of the YSM 2023 consists of young scientists at the JKI Dossenheim, namely Christine Seinsche, Adrian Jaich, Laura Binmöller, Theresa Kuhl-Nagel and Bruna Czarnobai. You can contact them via email:



Which important dates do I have to remember?

Open Registration: 1 June 2023

Deadline registration: 15 September 2023

Deadline for abstract submission: 15 September 2023 (extended to 22 September)

Confirmation of chosen presentation and format: 29 September 2023

Acceptance/Cancellation waiting list: 29 September 2023


How to travel?

by car

On motorway A5 (Frankfurt - Heidelberg), take the exit Dossenheim and follow the Julius Kühn-Institut sign, after about 300 m turn left in the direction of Schwabenheimer Hof (the institute is located immediately on the left). We highly recommend you to travel by institutional car since the institute can not be reached directly by bus or train.

by train

From Heidelberg Main Station (Hauptbahnhof) you can take tram ("Straßenbahn") 5 to "Dossenheim Bahnhof". From there it is about half an hour walk to the institute. There is also the possibility to pick you up at Heidelberg Main Station or the Hotel. If you need to be picked up, please let us know as soon as possible.


How do I become a member of the organizing team next year?

The YSM is traditionally organized by PhD students and young post-docs of the JKI. Thus, it is inherent that the organizing team changes from year to year. There is always advice available from the previous organizers so that the new team can build upon their experiences and on a collection of supporting material. If you are interested in being a part of next year’s organizing team, do not hesitate to contact any member of this year’s team.