Keynote 1 (Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Jelkmann and Prof. Dr. Johannes Jehle)

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Jelkmann, former director of the Institute for Plant Protection in Fruit Crops and Viticulture, and Prof. Dr. Johannes Jehle, director of the Institute for Biological Control, will give an overview on the history of their respective institute. Moreover, they will provide an insight into the ongoing research located at the JKI site Dossenheim.


Keynote 2: Scientific publishing at the JKI - "I wish someone had told me this before!" (Dr. Anja Hühnlein)

There are many ways to publish research results. In addition to the classic article in a scholarly journal or publication in a book series, scholarly publications include e.g. conference proceedings, preprints, posters, software, databases, websites or dissertations. No matter what you choose, there are always things you need to consider. If you are publishing at JKI, it is good to know about copyrights, licences or about funding for publication fees. In addition, there are other peculiarities of JKI that you should be aware of when publishing. In this keynote you will learn many interesting facts about publishing at JKI.


Keynote 3: Data management with LIMS (Ina Krukenberg)

Ina Krukenberg from the IT of the JKI site Braunschweig will provide an overview of the data management software LIMS and its fields of application at different JKI locations. The software can be used to simplify workflows in the laboratory and the field and enhance traceability of samples. Due to its modulary design the software can be adapted for different contexts of application. In addition, the functions of the software are constantly extended.


Keynote 4: Social and health counselling services at the JKI (Kristin Draheim)

The JKI has a contract with the company "evers Arbeitsschutz GmbH", which offers you free and anonymous social and health counselling for your professional and personal problems and stress situations. Possible stress situations include increasing work intensification, increased information overload, performance/time pressure and social conflicts at work or in your private life. If you are stressed, emotionally affected or have health problems, this will inevitably have a negative impact on your satisfaction, health and performance. You can change this with the help of our counselling services. Kristin Draheim from evers Arbeitsschutz GmbH will give you a detailed overview of the social and health counselling services. After her presentation, she will also be available to answer your personal questions.