Social Events

07.11.2022 - Get together starting 19:00

We are looking forward to get together after the first seminar day. We will reserve some tables at a restaurant and you are welcome to join for nice food and some drinks. Please keep in mind that you will have to pay yourself.

Restaurant information coming soon!

09.11.2022 - Welcome and icebreaker starting 10:30

To kick off the conference, Andrea Krähmer will say a few words and then it's all about you. In the living statistics game, you will find out who else is working in your research area or who prefers to drink tea instead of coffee, and much more... Join the game and find who has similar interests and would be nice to talk to during the breaks.

09.11.2022 - Poster quiz and joint buffet starting 18:00

The poster session one on the first conference day will end with a poster quiz and continues with a buffet dinner at six pm. Vegan and vegetarian catering will be provided.

10.11.2022 - Get together starting 18:00

For the congress dinner we will visit the “Luise”, which is a traditional beer garden in Berlin, offering a variety of food and drinks. The "Luise" is only five minutes walking distance from the JKI and subway station.

Restaurant website


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