Guidelines for talks and posters

Guidelines for your talk

  • Please use one of the pptx templates to prepare your slides,
  • Please note that your presentation will be strictly timed and you will be stopped at 10 minutes,
  • The audience consists of young scientists from various research fields. Therefore, keep your talk simple and concentrate on the bigger picture
  • If you want to publish your slides subsequent to the meeting, please send the slides as pptx file to after the meeting. Please read the notes about publishing your slides below.


Guidelines for your poster

  • Please use one of the pptx templates to prepare your poster and send it to until 12th October 2022,
  • Please send the poster in pptx file format, especially in case you want to publish your poster in OpenAgrar, because we will add a QR code and a DOI,
  • Encourage the audience to come and discuss your work with you in the poster sessions or another mutually agreed time.



As in previous years, all talks of the conference will be evaluated by a jury consisting of researchers from the JKI. The jury evaluates the talks concerning the presentation itself (e.g. clear interpretation of results, conclusions to point), visual aids (e.g. quality of the slides, support what is said without distracting), performance (e.g. transition from issue to issue, eye contact to audience, language) and the adherence to the time limit of 10 minutes.

The best posters will be elected by the participants themselves.

On the last day of the conference, the best talks and posters will be honored with a certificate of award by Prof. Dr. Frank Ordon.


Notes about publishing your slides or poster

A publication of your slides or poster is accompanied by licensing the work with a creative commons attribution 4.0 international license. With this license, your work can be shared and adapted if appropriate credit is given by providing your (author) name. Furthermore, your poster or slides will obtain a digital object identifier (DOI) making your work permanently findable and citable.

If you decide to publish your slides or poster, please be aware of using only images for which you have the usage rights or that are licensed accordingly. Databases with licensed or public domain images are Search Creative Commons, Pixabay or Freeimages.